Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bella Twins: Sparkling Sisters

Rain & Jennifer Blake - New Las Gringas Locas studios

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SHIMMER stars Jennifer Blake (Autumn Frost in Wrestlicious) and Rain (Felony in Wrestlicious, also formally Payton Banks in TNA)<

Hilarious glimpse at the SHIMMER Wrestling Academy

Today we bring you a Hilarious video courtesy of Barely Political staring TV Host/Producer Andrea Feczko. As part of a "Samsung’s Follow Me" challenge she went to the Ring Of Honor/SHIMMER Wrestling Academy to literally learn the ropes and get a little training with head trainers Delirious and SHIMMER cornerstone Daizee Haze.

Along with the hilarity of Delirious' inchoerent rambling, and the looks of fear (particularly at the mention of an "overhead throw") and attempts at selling by Feczko, it gives us a light-hearted look at what goes on at the training academy with emphasis on safety and taking bumps the right way. Even if some of Delirious' advice and methods does seem scary! It's also notable that in the background of some shots we catch glimpses of then in-training wrestlers "Bonesaw" Jessie Brook and "Jumping" Jamilia Craft, sans mask, who are now both active wrestlers with bright futures ahead of them..

It's a fun video that makes everyone involved look great, especially Haze who looks downright adorable at parts. For more on Feczko or Barely Political, check out and

In Pictures: WWE Magazine’s Misleadingly Advertised ’100 Most Downloaded Divas Ever’

Looking at the cover of WWE Magazine’s ’100 Most Downloaded Divas Ever’ mini magazine [available for free inside the new Best of WWE magazine special], you’d think there’s some of countdown of the Divas through the years. No, there isn’t. And the ‘Ever’ in the title? Not true, either.

What the issue really is, is a misleadingly advertised mini magazine with a selection of pictures of current WWE Divas that — like most Diva merchandise — probably took all of two minutes to put together.

Personally, when I saw this advertised on the WWE site I expected a countdown of the 100 most downloaded Divas in history and was looking forward to seeing who ranked #1.

Extremely poor advertising, if you ask me. Check out our snaps below: