Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Raw Digitals 12.29.14

Who should be the face of the Divas division: AJ Lee or Nikki Bella?

The women's division is a low priority for the WWE on the main roster, but that doesn't mean fans can't give it more thought.
So it's your job right now to choose the current face of the divas division and who will be pushed as the top female star of the company.

The only two viable candidates for various reasons at the time of writing, are AJ Lee or Nikki Bella.
(Paige fans, before you ask, she is 22 and has been on the main roster for less than a year; she may very well be the top Diva later, but it won't be for some time and I'm talking about the here and now.)

This shouldn't be a question of just "who do you want to bone more", try to consider it from a booking and business standpoint.

Think about a potential face of the division in these areas:

- Popularity
Is she over already, and would she be considerably more over if you pushed her or did she already peak?

- Wrestling skill
Can she engage the crowds in her matches? Can she perform in longer matches if needed? Can she have a solid match with the whole division, including wrestlers worse than her? Can she continue to improve herself?

- Character/Gimmick
Does her gimmick have room to grow or is it limited? The top star will have to be many things, is she versatile?

- Looks
This isn't purely about if she is attractive, it's about if she is memorable, eye catching, unique. Does she stand out, looks wise?

- Charisma
Does she draw more fans to her by her presence? Do audiences react to her as being special?

- Marketability
Can she be marketed to many different demographics successfully? Will she appeal to a mass audience?

- Mic Skills
Speaks for itself. Can she cut promos well, as a face or a heel? Can she also talk in media and PR segments, such as a talk show interview?

- Drawing Power
This is one that no longer matters as much because of the shift to the WWE brand being the draw, but at the same time, does she do good ratings in her segments (in relative terms to the Divas), and does she sell merchandise online and at live events?

- Loyalty and dedication
Is she loyal and reliable to the company, and can be trusted with the responsibility? Is she committed to the hard slog of the road and the extra work outside of the ring?

So choose from


Or Nikki