Thursday, February 19, 2015

Stephanie Mcmahon 2001-2002 Appreciation Thread

In my opinion Stephanie Mcmahon was at her best from July 2001-March 2002, basically the end of the Attitude era. I had good taste in women as a kid before puberty, as I'm still very attracted to her look from 2001-2002,

Stephanie Mcmahon was very sexy from mid 2001-early 2002, when she had a more darker complexion, showed more cleavage, wore casual clothes, had amazing and different hairstyles. people claim that her breasts were too big, which is true, she had huge breasts... but that's one of the hotspots for my attraction towards her, not all women look good with big breasts, but Stephanie did.

When she returned in July 2002 I found her less attractive, but very attractive nonetheless.

Feel free to post pictures and videos of her from that era.

This woman was extremely sexy from 01-02:

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