Friday, October 10, 2014

Paige and Alicia Fox Superpowered:

Paige as "Rampaiger"

ALIGNMENT: “Villain, because you get to have a lot more fun that way, don’t you?”

POWERS: Invisibility

COSTUME: “It would definitely be all black, some kind of spandex, tears in it. Extra badass, extra villain.”

ARCHENEMY: "Wonder Woman. I’d like to kick her butt.”

ALTER EGO: "Musician. I'm just an entertainer — people have no idea."

WEAKNESS: “I have no weakness. There’s no kryptonite here.”

Alicia Fox as "Medusa Mix-A-Fox"

ALIGNMENT: "I can’t imagine myself being good. I was born with all this evil; it’s genetic."

POWERS: “Definitely laser beams that can blow things up, some teleportation action, some strong wind to get people out of my face. Then, maybe the power to put some cash in my pockets, just in case we’re running low.”

COSTUME: “It would be something like Avatar meets Tarzan fur, with tentacles. I’d probably look like a really badass octopus.”

ALTER EGO: “My alter ego would be just as sweet as Strawberry Shortcake. She would be a huge humanitarian, educating women on positive living and helping other sisters out. This is the perfect character. I am the villain who saves the world. I would literally just be myself.”

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